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Shop Till You Drop On National Buy Aussie Day.

If you get sucked into one sale this year, forget Black Friday, make it National Buy Aussie Day 

Getting behind National Buy Aussie Day on October 1, instead of spending on overseas driven shopathons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Click Frenzy, encapsulates the essence of what it is to be Australian.

It’s about always being ready to lend a hand —mate helping mate. 2020 has been such a bleak year in our history, which began with devastating bushfires and will end in the midst of a pandemic. People are hurting at every level of society, especially farmers and small business owners, which is where National Buy Aussie Day comes in.

It’s about the exchange of much needed currency now. However on a wider level, it’s also about growing the Australian economy and the ailing job market, "Buying locally sourced goods helps to stimulate the Australian manufacturing sector and that supply chain impacts on job creation," says Western Sydney University’s Dr Kathy Tannous, a Senior Economics lecturer.

The flow-on effect is estimated to be 10 jobs created in other sectors for every one job created in the manufacturing sector. “Finding employment is precarious at the present time,” Dr Tannous continues, "especially for young Australians, but purchasing Australian-made goods would assist in engaging this group in the labour market.”

It’s a pivotal time for our growth as a nation. According to Dr Tannous, Australian manufacturing ``has been slowly declining in recent years. So any initiative, which ignites a behavioural change, so we buy local goods would help the overall economy,’’ she says.

Time for a change. Instead of embarking on a frenzied splurge on one of the overseas shopping initiatives, it’s about making considered purchases on National Buy Aussie Day.

It’s also about taking advantage of our natural resources. It feels good to buy clothes made here in 100% Australian cotton, superfine wool and other natural fibres. They breathe better. These designs keep their shape and last longer than cheap, disposable clothes, shipped in by big overseas chain stores. You’ll also be giving a boost to our talented local designers.

Australian innovation and design is respected the world over, along with our natural assets including minerals, responsibly sourced timbers, our wines and produce. Sociologists predict that the post-pandemic world will become a kinder place as we nurture the vulnerable in our communities and set more store in becoming self-sufficient.

We’re already ahead of the curve here. It’s part of our psyche, which is why we say, "she’ll be right, mate” as we pitch on.

So, shine brightly like an Aussie diamond on National Buy Aussie Day, October 1 and let’s help to line the pockets of the nation.


Ros Reines is a Sydney journalist and the author of four books. She is currently penning her fifth - a memoir of a life in the media.


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