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Meet the Maker: Stephen Adamson Owner Of undicloth®

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undicloth® brings organic fair-trade underwear designed with a 100% organic cotton pouch so you can hang about naturally. They currently have boxer briefs and briefs with a few other unique designs coming soon.

How did you start your homegrown business?

It all began while working backstage in the theatre and constantly being squashed and uncomfortable during our 14hour shifts. I searched for something Aussie made that could provide the space I desired and ended up sewing my own. My inventions looked like Dolly Parton’s “coat of many colours” though the comfort was there. I eventually decided to find a pattern maker and just see where the road goes. Sample after sample the pathways kept opening up and I kept getting more excited about the adventure. When covid hit my fulltime job in the Arts got shut down and I was stood down. The bittersweet is that I finally had time to get the business off the ground and I haven’t looked back…

What inspires you?

I get inspired when I sell a pair of undicloth® post them, then get feedback that they’re comfy undies. I can’t believe I was uncomfortable, so I made myself comfortable and now I’m selling underwear. You can do anything when you put your mind and a bit of effort towards it.

What are the benefits of manufacturing locally?

I can drop in on my manufactures and see how they’re. I feel we are mates and I look so forward to seeing them starting with my pattern maker who makes me laugh so much then delivering bolts of fabric to my cutter who is 300metres from my home and then seeing my machinist who is so talented I’m just in awe watching the speed and skill.

What makes the Australian consumer unique?

The postage is a lot cheaper than O/S and they make an effort to let you know how much they love the product. They also love Aussie made!

What is the best business advice you have ever received?

Don’t tell people what you’re doing just surprise them.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have had to overcome in business?

Money. I was doing really well getting undicloth® going with my income from my fulltime job. Then Covid hit and my pay was cut by 65%. Ive had to hold my breath and just dive in and hope that the customers come before the next invoice does. Also, that I had to model my product as I couldn’t afford one!

What has been your positive takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Time. If Covid didn’t come, I would not have had the time to get undicloth® off the ground.

What was your first job?

Mucking out horse stables to get a free riding lesson when I was 9 years old.

Do you keep your vegemite in the fridge or pantry?

Um… Pantry you must never put it in the fridge. You have your knife ready with butter so as soon as that toaster pops you spread it makes pools of melted butter then you spread the soft room temp vegemite from crust to crust.

Favourite Australian film quote?

“If I wanted your help mate, I would have asked for it” Jessica Harrison from The Man from Snowy River

Which classic Aussie song would you perform at karaoke?

“All out of Love” Air Supply

Check out undicloth® for organic fair trade underwear.


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