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Meet the Maker: Melinda Notley Head Bubble Maker at Love Bobbie Boutique

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Love Bobbie Boutique is situated on the Southern edge of Tamborine Mountain behind the Gold Coast. Nestled under the canopy of their koalas homes where they create natural, chemical free, handmade, beautiful artisan vegan soap, shampoo bars, facial clay masks, soap dishes and bath salts.

Taking pride in being Australian owned and made, using almost 100% Aussie ingredients. Everything they create is inspired by mother-nature, animals and plants that surround their soap studio. Every soap creation has a story, especially the joey koala, joey wallaby, mummy koala and mummy kangaroo themed soaps, these were inspired by the strength and resilience of the animals after the bush fire last September 2019.

How did you start your homegrown business?

I have always loved making soap, growing herbs and creating natural ingredients for people and animals with skin conditions. After the bush fires, a DV incident and a broken foot I found myself unemployed and isolated in the Gold Coast Hinterland with the survivors of the bush fire, my fury little koala, wallaby mates and my 2 dogs unable to walk or drive and with having many animals with burns and injuries I started making soaps and creams for us all. It is just over a year now and my koalas and wallabies are breeding, I’m walking and making beautiful soap every day from ingredients I or other locals grow and growing Love Bobbie Boutique into a very unique artisan soap company, spreading love and healing one bubble at a time.

What inspires you?

My koalas, they are my passion and their ability to heal and survive trapped in a raging bush fire helping each other get out of the flames is the only inspiration I need. I love to set up and make soap during the night watching and listening to my koalas grunting and screaming, chatting each other up, or Mr K getting bashed up by Matilda for not taking her chocolates haha, I have become nocturnal living and working out here in the King Parrot Reserve. My love of mother-nature and all animals is the inspiration behind my soap designs.

What are the benefits of manufacturing locally?

I’m supporting other local and interstate businesses by buying directly from growers and suppliers as well as Aussie wholesalers and retailers. The authenticity of our Aussie products is easy to trace and in the big scheme of things we are building a future for not only our people but for our flora and fauna.

What makes the Australian consumer unique?

Supporting our own and growing jobs for Aussie’s has seen a growth over the past few years not just due to covid19. Price is an important part of our buying behaviour but quality and the image the product projects is also just as important, authenticity and popularity play a big role in our decisions to buy, but we all love a bargain, we all love helping our mates and most of all we all love to show off something unique we have found that is Aussie made and grown.

What is the best business advice you have ever received?

Do what you love, where you love to be and never give up, no matter how tough life gets.

What has been your positive takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Isolation, having the opportunity to stay home and look after the animals and myself through the healing process of the bush fires and rebuild as we go, having the time and space to be able to create beautiful natural vegan soap and realising there is a market place for my natural handmade vegan soap. Best of all I can work in my pj’s at any time night or day while I watch my koalas and wallabies cruise around and play with my dogs even while I’m typing this.

What was your first job?

Sandblasting and heavy duty industrial spray painting… that once another life time ago.

Do you keep your vegemite in the fridge or pantry?

Both haha I have one open in the fridge and always a spare in my pantry, can never have enough vegemite, I put it in and on almost everything I eat. Funny story the only thing my mother could eat while she was pregnant with me was vegemite soup.

Favourite Australian film quote?

Oh geeze I have several but I have to say (only because my old blue cattle dog mate, Mr Dog picked me “The world is a funny place, no? Sometimes you pick your dog. Sometimes your dog picks you.” Red Dog – Vanno. That movie made me cry.

Which classic Aussie song would you perform at karaoke?

It would have to be “Land Down Under” by Colin Hay and only after a few Bundy’s haha

Check out Love Bobbie Boutique for handmade vegan soap and beauty products.

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