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Meet the Maker: Gary Carlson, Owner, Designer and Maker of ​goCore.

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goCore is an amazing product for athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those that need rehabilitation.

It’s a versatile tool to improve overall fitness including balance, coordination, upper/lower body strength, and of course, as the goCore name suggests, core strength. Training on goCore enables athletes to replicate sport specific movements to increase performance and decrease the risk of injury.

How did you start your homegrown business? I was busy working on prototypes in Seattle, but did not achieve a successful functional product until after arriving in Australia in 2001. With the help of Australian ingenuity and a company called Processed Forest Products in Granville, I was finally able to develop a successful, high functioning product for the aussie sporting, fitness and rehabilitation markets. AFL’s Essendon Bombers were my first team sale.

What inspires you? I’m most inspired by the reaction of others after trying goCore for the first time. It has always been my experience that those who are the most knowledgeable in their field are the most impressed with what is capable of being performed on goCore - from them I learn of many new possibilities. The endless creation of new exercises for sport conditioning/rehab provides ongoing inspiration as well.

What are the benefits of manufacturing locally? I build each goCore by hand in my Botany workshop using Australian materials. Materials sourced locally are much easier to access without the delays experienced by overseas delivery snarls. Currently, I deliver all orders in the greater Sydney area. All orders more than a couple of hours away, including interstate, are shipped.

What makes the Australian consumer unique? I find the Australian consumer to be eager and willing to try new things. The sporting, fit nature of Australians has made for many enjoyable experiences during my 20 years here.

What is the best business advice you have ever received? Joe, the grandson of Arne Jacobsen - the famous Danish architect and designer, stayed with us in our airbnb for a week. His most important advice to me was how crucial it is to have a well thought out and detailed business plan. He even provided me with a template that was incredibly specific. He was very inspirational and super friendly and engaging.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have had to overcome in business? I struggled for MANY months with an aluminium mould that was responsible for producing a key goCore component. Unable to source anything from google, and experts differing to the point of zero overlapping opinions, I had to work it out for myself. The day I finally figured it out was cause for celebration.

What has been your positive takeaway from the COVID-19 pandemic? The support of local business has never been so strong as it has during the pandemic. In my area, there’s a strong sense of community and people are rallying around more than ever to shop local and promote local business of all kinds.

What was your first job? Tackling my fear of heights head-on, in the summer after highschool, I hung rain gutters. Hanging gutters requires not only getting on the roof, but stepping to the very edge, reaching over and under to support the gutter, while nailing them into the framing. They say don't look down if you’re afraid of heights, but that could not be helped.

Do you keep your vegemite in the fridge or pantry? Pantry, doesn’t everyone?

Which classic Aussie song would you perform at karaoke? The Angels - “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again”

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