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Looking Inward About What We’re Presenting Outward

Introducing You Beauty by Gemma Watts, a column dedicated to bringing your skin, your body, your hair ... your vanity, the best of Australian-made beauty.

“Everything behind a brand matters so much more now than it ever has.”

A beauty brand founder uttered these words to me in an interview a few months ago, and I’ve not been able to get them out of my head (in a Kylie Minogue Can’t Get You Outta My Head kind of way- which will now be stuck in your head. You are most welcome).

Beauty, as a category, is designed to make us feel good- but it’s no longer enough for a product to just look good. Beauty consumers want to feel proud about the products they’re reaching for each day. For all of the tragedy and uncertainty 2020 has brought with it, it has simultaneously presented us with an opportunity to become more considered in the way we shop.

My passion has long been sharing the stories of those behind the brands you and I both reach for morning and night, the founders responsible for the skin care that fills our cabinets and the makeup that sits proudly on our vanities. The stories that linger in my mind the longest (... it’s still stuck in your head, isn’t it?) are those from Australians. From niche brands. From local men and women proving to the rest of the world that Australia is a major player in the global beauty game.

So why do we so often overlook Australian beauty in favour of an overseas launch?

This year has prompted me to look inward about what I’m presenting outward. Australian brands are, without question, moving to the forefront of global beauty innovation. There is no reason for Australian brands to sit in the shadows of shiny international arrivals, given how efficacious the offerings from our homegrown brands are.

Influence and memorability are what define a truly “cult” product, and recent years have seen Australian brands cement their cult status through both influential formulas and memorable stories. We are home to brands who have completely revolutionised an entire beauty category, in the way that Frank Body bolstered coffee scrubs to mainstream acclaim and The Beauty Chef’s Carla Oates has popularised the concept of inner beauty. We are home to brands with an iconic voice, like Go-To. Brands that sit atop every celebrity “What’s in my Handbag?” list, like Lanolips. Brands that hero native Australian botanicals, like Mukti and The Jojoba Company. Brands ensuring Australians are armed to face our unique environment each day, like Ultra Violette, and brands like Goldfield & Banks, whose entire ethos surrounds bottling all that is beautiful about this country and sharing it with the world.

What I love about beauty is how it makes me feel. The, regrettably only recent, realisation that my beauty buys could make local entrepreneurs feel and live well too makes me feel even better. Now is the time to fill our drawers, our bathroom cabinets and our (admittedly now very dusty) travel toiletry bags with brands whose views align with our own and products that tell a story- a story that shows the rest of the world just how beautiful our country is.

Everything behind a brand really does matter, more so now than ever before- and I’m excited to share those stories with you.

Welcome to You Beauty by Gem.


Described by VOGUE Australia as being “at the top of the beauty game,” Gemma Watts has been a part of Australia’s media landscape since early 2012, working as a journalist and MC across the fashion and beauty spheres. 2016 saw Gemma launch Glow Journal, a multi-faceted beauty media platform consisting of, an editorial platform, Glow Journal Creative, a beauty copywriting and consultancy agency, and the Glow Journal podcast, a series of conversations with the biggest names in beauty. Gemma is passionate about sharing the stories behind the local brands we know and love, and is thrilled to be bringing those stories to Buy Aussie Now.

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