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How Do I Choose The Right Influencer For My Business?

Influencer marketing is a no-brainer in 2020. But there are a number of questions you need to ask when figuring out who is the right fit for your Australian business.

Let’s be honest - when influencers first burst onto the scene years ago, most of us couldn’t quite work out what to make of them. With their lavish lifestyles and glamorous grids, it was difficult to grasp that they contributed anything more than pearly white smiles and perfect posts... But boy were we wrong.

Fast forward to 2020, and it’s clear now that influencers are not only here for the long haul, but they have firmly earned their place as a fundamental tool for the modern business owner.

Building a strong social media presence is a key goal for many Australian businesses. And enlisting the help of social media influencers can be a surefire way to ensure your brand makes an impact in the digital marketing and e-commerce space. But collaborating with an influencer can be easier said than done - there are a number of factors to keep in mind when considering what influencer is the right fit for your product or brand.

It’s extremely important to do your research, and you should consider the following questions when dreaming up your ideal influencer marketing strategy.

What is ‘engagement’ and why is it important?

Engagement is all about comments and likes. It’s a measure of quality. If an influencer’s followers are sincerely enjoying their content - tagging their friends or adding to the dialogue in the comments - of course they are more likely to take the initiative to pursue your featured product.

“The first thing you should look at is an influencer’s engagement on their photos,” is Ellie Parker’s key piece of advice. Ellie is a Sydney-based influencer and writer who is just as comfortable in front of the camera as she is behind it examining the mechanics of influencer marketing.

If you get the sense that this influencer has an audience that genuinely values their opinion, you can only imagine the power of their endorsement.

How important is it that they align with my brand’s values?

Influencers are selling a product, sure. But they’re also selling a lifestyle. And if they’re going to be the correct fit for your business, their lifestyle must align with your brand values.

Are you a health brand? A sustainable brand? Is your product all about parties, or all about parenting? There are influencers making waves in all of these spaces, you just need to find them by prioritising your values and searching in those communities.

If local manufacturing is important to you, you may want to choose an Australian influencer. You’ll likely find them more enthusiastic about your brand. “Whenever I can I will always prioritise working with an Australian brand over an international brand purely because I want to contribute to the Australian economy and amplify Australian voices on social media,” said Ellie.

In light of the current economic environment, many influencers are more willing than ever to platform Australian brands. Ride this wave while you can.

What is a Micro-Influencer and are they worth it?

Micro-Influencers are largely defined as those with anywhere between one and one hundred thousand followers, but the 10k to 40k range really is the sweet spot. While they can’t get your product in front of a million eyeballs, what they can do is ignite genuine curiosity and trust in your brand.

According to Ellie, Micro-Influencers have the unique ability to come to their followers as peers, rather than salespeople. “They look up to them, and they kind of think of them as friends,” said Ellie. Her own Instagram, Live With Elle, has 23 thousand followers, and she often receives DMs from followers asking for her advice or opinion or products.

“You’re not working with a celebrity, you’re working with someone that’s seen as a friend,” she said of Micro-Influencer marketing. “They have a community, and they’re there to help guide that community on their purchasing decisions when push and shove.”

Micro-Influencers certainly aren’t for every business. In fact, there are an abundance of brands whose sales have reached new stratospheres thanks to the endorsements of influencer heavyweights, like the Kardashians for example.

But if you’re looking to start off small and smart, or are interested in marketing to a niche or specialist consumer base, Micro-Influencers may be exactly what your business needs. Influencers are a sure-fire way to generate interest in your brand. And if you choose correctly, you will reap the rewards.


Abbey Lenton is one of the freshest voices emerging in the lifestyle space. The young journo specialises in nostalgia, health, and sustainable fashion, and has been published by the likes of Network 10,, and Body + Soul. When she’s not out seeing local bands or tending to her houseplants, she’s tucked up at home with her one true love, Kath & Kim. Abbey is a sucker for all things Australiana, and she’s thrilled to be a part of the Buy Aussie Now team as a freelance contributor. 


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