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Florals? For Spring? Here’s How To Wear Them.

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Perfumerie has long felt like a quintessentially French art form, but there is so much Australia has to offer in the way of fine fragrance.

Given that we’re now well into spring, it’s time to start introducing some florals into our fragrance wardrobe (yes, a fragrance wardrobe is something that I have and make no apologies for). I hear you- “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” But, thanks to the work of some of this country’s finest perfumers, a hint of floral can feel fresh, modern, and you in any season. Whether you favour woody scents, citrus, fresh greens or spicy orientals, there’s a modern, Australian way to inject a floral note into your fragrance profile.

For those who love fresh, green scents

A fresh take on iris and violet, Mihan Aromatics’ Petrichor Plains takes both its name and inspiration from the scent of the plain after long awaited rain. Top notes of rain, cardamon, salt and bergamot give way to a floral heart, featuring the aforementioned iris and violet notes, before drying down to a base of Australian Buddawood and Australian Sandalwood. Both conceptualised and developed in Australia, Petrichor Plains puts a fresh, green spin on otherwise traditional floral notes.

For the lover of spicy, oriental perfumes

If the Goldfield & Banks collection in its entirety is a series of love letters to quintessentially Australian ingredients, then Velvet Splendour is addressed specifically to the wattle tree. Perfumer Dimitri Weber describes the scent as “like holding a large bunch of sunburnt wildflowers,” with those wildflowers and wattle mingling with sexy, spicy notes of jasmine sambac, patchouli, vetiver, leather and tonka bean for a rich, spicy take on a native Australian favourite.

For those who love citrus notes

Made in Australia and inspired by the springtime in San Remo, Italy’s “City of Flowers,” Lumira’s La Primavera is the most “traditional floral” fragrance to sit amongst this edit. Opening on notes of citrus, lemon and rose leaf, La Primavera dries down to a floral, jasmine and lily heart before settling into a romantic, soft and almost powdery base of patchouli, cashmere musk, vetiver and moss. Bright and vibrant and just a tiny bit tart, this parfum makes for the perfect warm weather floral.

For those who favour woody notes

A rich, woody, unisex twist on otherwise traditonal florals, Oud Royale from Melbourne based fragrance house SoH proves that floral notes are never just reserved for feminine perfumes. Opening on bergamot, this rich, woody scent moves through to floral mid notes of jasmine, lavender and rose before drying down to a spicy, oriental base of oud, saffron, cardamom, amber and musk. Sexy on anyone, and a scent to convert even the most floral-adverse of fragrance wearers.


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