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Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

While Halloween might not technically be Aussie, getting to know your neighbours is. And that makes the spooky holiday more treat, than trick, in 2020.

I think that 2020 should be the year that we declare that resistance is futile, and embrace October 31 with giddy, ghoulish abandonment — even if Halloween isn’t technically made in Australia.  

Growing up, I happily watched Hocus Pocus and Casper so many times as a kid that our VHS tapes became worn and fuzzy. I then graduated to high school slumber parties, which were completely sleepless having watched Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer through gaps in our fingers. And in later adolescent years, I would eagerly await the annual Halloween episode of Dawson’s Creek, where the Capeside friends would inevitably add to Dawson’s directorial portfolio plagiarised homages to cult classics like The Blair Witch Project. Oh how I longed for Halloween to become part of Australian life growing up, having had the almost right-of-passage Halloween depictions filtered to us through American pop culture.

But the real reason I want to embrace Halloween this year, is because I just want an excuse to visit my neighbours. 

While Halloween might not technically be Aussie, getting to know your neighbours is —and that makes the holiday with the adorably occult roots more treat, than trick, in 2020.

So much of this year has been spent at home; in our familiar streets, walking laps of our neighbourhoods. We dropped fliers in local letterboxes offering to lend a hand if needed and we waved across the road in a silent symbol of solidarity while unloading groceries from our cars peak-pandemic. We have been bound to our community in very new ways this year. And while we might not have been sharing cups of coffee, or a cheeky glass of champagne, over the back fence, we felt a sense of company coming from the houses that surrounded our own — a sense that we were all at home — and all in this together.

So, consider joining in the Halloween festivities this year (within your state’s covid-safe rules, obviously). Whether it’s accompanying the kids in dress up on stroll around the block; stocking up on wrapped lollies and sugary delights to divide among pint-sized princesses and superheroes or if you are in Victoria, even consider carving a pumpkin for your front veranda to bring some joy to passers by. The main thing is to meet your neighbours; get to know them; ask them how they are going amid all the craziness of 2020. 

For a feeling that will fill you long after the trick or treating ends, avoid the sugar crash and exchange conversation instead.

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Anna Byrne grew up in Bendigo in regional Victoria before moving to Melbourne where she enjoyed a decade-long career as a columnist for the Herald Sun, becoming one of Australia’s most recognised lifestyle voices. Renowned for her insightful and humorous musings on the world of fashion and beyond, her take on style is both witty and refreshingly non-elitist. Anna loves musicals, McLaren Vale Chardonnay, the Melbourne footy club and can quote Muriel’s Wedding, verbatim. A passionate campaigner for small business, Anna is excited to join Buy Aussie Now as a freelance contributor. 

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