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Daly St Roasters: A Story On Adapting To Change In A Global Pandemic

Starting a brand-new business is a daunting proposition under any circumstance, let alone during a global pandemic. 

In February sisters Katie Devic and Mel Glentis thought it would be the perfect time to start their dream business after years working in the coffee industry. 

Katie had recently left a job working in the coffee industry, while Mel was running her Dilly Daly cafe in South Yarra in Melbourne. The time was right and Daly St Roasters was born.

"It was something we had spoken about potentially doing, our own coffee brand because we'd been working with it for our whole life," Katie said.

"We thought about it, and we thought, why don't we give it a crack?"

It seemed like overnight the plans came together and Daly St Roasters was born, with pink packaging and personalised coffee, the brand is all about fun and bring a smile to your face. Their dream of building a successful coffee brand was looking positive, then Covid-19 hit, in a way no one could have thought imaginable. 

The sisters originally planned to use all their experience and get on the road and sell their coffee to other cafes and wholesalers, but with so many in lockdown now they had to adapt and change. This was on top of starting a brand-new business that is a daunting proposition under any circumstance, let alone during a global pandemic. 

They had to adapt.

With little warning they had to transform their business to have an online presence to sell to individual customers.The sisters relished the challenge,

"I think Covid-19 kind of kick started us because we were taking it slowly," Katie said.

"We were a coffee company targeting cafes but then things in the industry started to slow down and we had to transform the business to become an online business.

"We started to develop products that were different and appeal to an online buyer." 

They had to think about not only the production of the Melbourne-made coffee, but everything from building an eye-catching website, a social media strategy, and creating a brand that appeals to the customer in lockdown, as well as not forgetting the corporate and cafe market.

"Katie has been doing a crazy amount of work on that," Mel said.

"She came up with the idea of a personalised coffee range.

"I think a lot of corporates and employers are looking at ways of sending little gifts to their employees that keep them motivated, and there's no other way to help motivation in the morning than a decent cup of coffee." 

Everything was thought of to make Daly St Roasters stand out to consumers while they’re in lockdown, including the bright pink packaging.

"We wanted to bring something bright and fun and people's lounge rooms," Mel said.

"I guess that's where the pink comes in." 

Like many Australian businesses around the country, Katie and Mel's Daly St Roasters has had to adapt to the new normal because of Covid-19 and stay positive. The sisters have worked incredibly hard to make sure there is a real future for their young coffee business, as we start to get out of lockdown and back to normal life. 

"I don't think we've stopped to pat ourselves on the back, there has literally been no time," Katie said.

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