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Colour Us Happy

Unlike the weather which can only be forecast in fortnightly chunks, lifestyle trends are far easier to foresee. Sure, they change, evolve and update, but if there is one thing that is as predictable as blossoms blooming in spring, it’s that colour is about to make its annual comeback.

Just as when Dorothy emerged from her sepia hued Kansas farmhouse into OZ, we too are emerging from dreary days of isolation and uncertainty, into a world of bold brights. From citrus shades in acidic lime, lemon and orange, through to rich jewel tones, high octane neon shades and sugary bright pastels, we are shaking off our grey daze in favour of punchy new hues.

It’s fair to say that if colour had a volume dial, fashion is pumping it up in the back end of 2020. Perhaps even those of us who have shied away from colour in the past in favour of black’s stain resist or slimming qualities, might just be convinced to colour outside the lines this season; like a sartorial symbol of our desire to face the future with empowering shades that provide confidence and spirit; colours that are uplifting and joyful that lend themselves to playful expressionism and take us down a path of creativity.

But if you think that means it’s a free for all, stylistically speaking, think again.

There are still some pigments considered passe and some tonal trends tipped to dominate the colour department, and yes, as any style afficionado will tell you, or try to convince you, there is still a distinct difference between “yellow” and “Mango Sorbet” because if there is one thing the style world does well, it’s taking a simple colour from the rainbow and giving it a new irredeemably pretentious moniker. In over a decade writing about style I have learned that one person’s taxi cab, is another’s butter, or goldenrod, or meadowlark — all of which are yellow to the untrained eye.

So, for a bit of fun we have taken three of the top, pretentiously labelled colour trends from the season’s must-have palette and given them our own “Aussie” spin.


Like a global mood ring, on-trend colours are often a reflection or commentary on the current state of the world. Like in 2002, when world authority on colour, Pantone, named “True Red” —a bold, patriotic shade of red — the official colour of the year in response to the significance of the September 11 attacks while in 2009 it picked the warm, engaging hue of Mimosa as an optimistic response to the GFC.

This year, world forecasting organisation WGSN in collaboration with Coloro has predicted “AI Aqua” to be the pick of the colour pool as we approach 2021, echoing a digital cultural shit and tech-focussed aesthetic. The invigorating turquoise tone, with its waterborne qualities not only inspires a sense of calm, confidence and harmony but has a sporty air- making it perfect for activewear and swimwear, but as equally on-trend among fashion and outdoor entertaining aesthetics.

Kozi Carribean Ebonii One Piece Horizon Athletic The Oxygen shorts Air


We're craving optimism and feelings of wellbeing with everything that's going on in the world and “mango sorbet” — a delicious fusion of zesty orange and yellow — is the perfect shade for our times, bringing a much-needed dose of energy to seasonal palettes. The cheery hue, familiar in our native flora, is perfect for creating seaside vibes in the home or for breezy, summer garments that'll make you feel like you're on vacation. And who doesn't need that right now?  

Bilboa Kalo Prairie smock dress Quiltmode Desert Sand throw


No, blush does not merely refer to putting some flush back in those pallid cheeks post winter, but having said that, the pastel pink palette is undeniably inspired by our cosmetic cases of rosy blushes, lipsticks and powdery shadows. While cotton candy, petal and even chalky apricots are all creating a calming, fresh appeal in the home, it is coral blush— the same shade as the feathers of our beloved bird— that will see your style take flight this season from washed linen bedspreads and tactile furniture to ceramic vases and even stunning tea cannisters.

Onyx & Smoke round velvet pouf Monista Matilda’s lemongrass & ginger tea


Anna Byrne grew up in Bendigo in regional Victoria before moving to Melbourne where she enjoyed a decade-long career as a columnist for the Herald Sun, becoming one of Australia’s most recognised lifestyle voices. Renowned for her insightful and humorous musings on the world of fashion and beyond, her take on style is both witty and refreshingly non-elitist. Anna loves musicals, McLaren Vale Chardonnay, the Melbourne footy club and can quote Muriel’s Wedding, verbatim. A passionate campaigner for small business, Anna is excited to join Buy Aussie Now as a freelance contributor. 

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