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We are a small group of Australians who love and are proud of our heritage and our beautiful country. Animalia is a celebration of Australian animals and the flora that they live in. We design each animal carefully with the context of your backyard, acres of land or balcony in mind. For you to install in a special place where you can enjoy the artwork and allow it to rust and blend in with its surroundings and become a part of you and your home. We are proudly Australian owned and our animals are made locally and designed to bring happiness to everyday life. Made from 3mm Corten steel, designed to rust – simply hammer into any timber tree or post and enjoy our Australian animal art.


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Hannah Rubery

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    Goanna - Ngarga Warendj
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    Tiger Quoll
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    Quokka and Baby
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    Mini Animal Pack
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    Black Cat
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    Tree Frog
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    Tasmanian Devil
    $89.00 Free Shipping over $150
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    Redback Spider
    $55.00 Free Shipping over $150
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