Buyer Standards

These standards are to be read in connection with the Buyer Terms available at and any other policies, standards, or documents referenced in the Buyer Terms or which are made available on the Website from time-to-time. By accessing the Services and purchasing Products on the Marketplace, you agree to be bound by these standards and our Buyer Terms.

All defined terms used in these standards have the meaning given to them in the Buyer Terms.

If there is any inconsistency between these standards and the Buyer Terms, the Buyer Terms will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

We reserve the right to vary these standards at any time. By continuing to use the Services you agree to be bound by any amended standards.

Mission Statement

Buy Aussie Now is a place for Australian consumers to discover a curated range of inspiring locally owned Australian made brands and products. The platform is a user-friendly and content-rich online shopping destination with Australian made and owned products.

 Buyer Expectations

At Buy Aussie Now, we place a premium on the experience of both our Vendors and Buyers and want all our users to know that they can expect excellent service and quality interactions when on the Marketplace. 

By incorporating standards that all of our Buyers are expected to comply with, it gives our Vendors a certain level of assurance and confidence when selling their Products on the Buy Aussie Now Marketplace and sets reasonable expectations that all of our Buyers can understand and follow.

For this reason, we ask all Buyers to be familiar with and uphold the Buyer Standards outlined in this document.

If you do not comply with these standards, you acknowledge that we may suspend or terminate your Account with Buy Aussie Now or restrict your access to the Marketplace.

Buyer Standards

All Buyers are expected to meet and maintain certain standards including, but not limited to:

  • providing honest and accurate information about themselves when required;
  • providing honest and accurate payment information when required;
  • leaving honest and accurate reviews on Vendor Products; and
  • only communicating with Vendors in appropriate circumstances, such as inquiring about Products listed on Marketplace and seeking clarification on Product Information.

Use of the Marketplace

In relation to the Marketplace and your use of our Services:

  • you are solely responsible for the activity that occurs on your Account and for keeping your Account Information secure;
  • you are solely responsible for reading Product Information, specific Vendor policies (if applicable), and all other applicable Buy Aussie Now Terms before purchasing a Product from the Marketplace;
  • you must only use the Marketplace to purchase Products for your own personal use and not for commercial or resale purposes; and
  • you may only purchase age-restricted Products including alcoholic beverages if you are over the age of 18.

Purchasing Products from the Marketplace

When you buy a Product from the Marketplace, you’re directly supporting an independent business, each with its unique listings, policies, processing times, and payment systems. By making a purchase from a Vendor on the Marketplace, you agree that you have:

  • read the Product Information carefully before making a purchase;
  • submitted appropriate payment for item(s) purchased; and
  • provided accurate delivery information to the Vendor.

When you place an Order for Products from the Marketplace, you are bound by that decision and are required to pay the relevant purchase price to the Vendor (unless otherwise specified by the Vendor). A failure to pay is a clear breach of these standards

Making unreasonable demands of a Vendor constitutes a breach of these standards. As a Buyer, you are subject to the express terms the Vendor has outlined in their Product Information. Demanding the Vendor to change the way they process payment, deliver the Products, or to significantly change the purchase price will not be tolerated.

You must not contact a Vendor for the purpose of requesting or persuading the Vendor to enter into a transaction outside of the Marketplace.

Australian Made and Owned

Buy Aussie Now requires that all Products listed for sale on the Marketplace are either 'Grown in Australia', a 'Product of Australia', or 'Made in Australia', as defined by the Australian Consumer Law and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

If a Product is 'Grown in Australia' the Vendor is representing that:

  • each significant ingredient and component of the Product was grown in Australia; and
  • all, or virtually all, processes involved in the production or manufacture of the Products took place in Australia.

If a Product is a 'Product of Australia' the Vendor is representing that:

  • each significant ingredient and component of the Product originated in Australia; and
  • all, or virtually all, processes involved in the production or manufacture of the Products took place in Australia.

If a Product is 'Made in Australia' the Vendor is representing that the Product underwent its last substantial transformation in Australia, which means that the Products were grown or produced in Australia, or that as a result of processing in Australia, the Products are fundamentally different in identity, nature or essential character from all of their imported ingredients or components

In addition to the above, the Vendor's business must also be 100% Australian owned and controlled, to ensure that all proceeds stay in Australia. This means that all beneficial owners of the Vendor's business, and the company operating the Vendor's business (if any), must be Australian citizens or residents of Australia.

Whilst we use our best endeavors, we cannot guarantee that all Products advertised on the Marketplace adhere to the above requirements. It is the responsibility of the Vendors to provide accurate information and to ensure that the Products sold on the Marketplace comply with our policies and requirements, as well as any additional guarantees or representations that a Vendor may provide or which are required by law. 

If you do become aware of any Vendors who are selling products that do not comply with the above standards, who provide misleading or deceptive Product Information, or who appear to be breaching any of the Website policies or any legal requirements in relation to the sale of goods in Australia, please notify Buy Aussie Now and we will investigate the matter.

Vendor Ratings and Reviews

As a Buyer, you are able to review Vendor Products. When providing a review for a Product, you warrant that:

  • you have purchased and used the Product;
  • the content of the review is honest and accurate; and 
  • you have not falsified the review so as to damage the reputation of the Vendor who provided the Product.

Under no circumstances may a Buyer participate in any coordinated activity to artificially boost Vendor ratings or adopt the process of 'shilling' – by creating fake accounts in order to leave positive reviews or ratings for a Vendor (in turn making the Products look more desirable). Shilling is a clear breach of these standards.

You also cannot threaten to leave a Vendor negative feedback if that Vendor won't do something that wasn't provided for in the Product Information. 

In the interests of honesty, no Vendor may delete or manipulate any negative review that a Buyer has left regarding their Product (provided the review was itself fair and accurate). They may, however, leave a response to any negative feedback addressing the issue at hand.

If a Vendor does not agree with any review you have left on their Product, they may communicate with you in an amicable and friendly manner to address the issue. If the issue is resolved, the Vendor may ask you to clarify (but not remove) the review and highlight how their issue has been resolved. Or, the Vendor may respond to the review highlighting how the issue was resolved.

You agree not to post any review that contains any unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, or infringing material.

We have the right, but not the obligation, to review, edit, or delete any review or feedback that we deem is offensive, inappropriate, unfair, or false.

Buyer Complaints & Queries

If any legitimate dispute or issue arises in regards to the purchase of Products from the Marketplace we ask that you attempt to come to an amicable resolution with the Vendor in a polite and reasonable manner – often it is just a misunderstanding. If a dispute is escalated to the Buy Aussie Now team because the disputing parties cannot come to an understanding or agreement regarding the issue, we may try and help you resolve your issue with a particular Vendor, but we will not be responsible for resolving any such disputes. If we agree to assist you in resolving the dispute, you agree to cooperate with us in investigating and resolving the dispute, and you agree that any determination we make will be binding on you and that you will comply with the outcome of our determination.

You agree to release Buy Aussie Now from any claims, demands, and damages in connection with the dispute, or our role in resolving the dispute.

Making frivolous or unnecessary complaints in relation to a Vendor is a breach of these standards. Any complaints made must be serious and based on sufficient grounds. Frivolous complaints include issues outside of a Vendor's control (e.g. a delivery company fault), or any other complaints that may be regarded as trivial in nature.


Privacy is of the utmost importance to Buy Aussie Now. As a Buyer on the Buy Aussie Now Marketplace, you will adhere to certain privacy standards in line with our privacy policy including:

  • any personal information that you receive in the course of purchasing Products or otherwise using the Marketplace must be collected and processed in accordance with all applicable privacy laws;
  • you must not do anything that would result in Buy Aussie Now being in breach of the privacy policy or privacy laws; and
  • any personal information sent to you by Buy Aussie Now or a Vendor for the purpose of placing an Order or contacting a Vendor about a Product must only be used for the purpose for which it was given.

Communications with Vendors and other users

The Marketplace allows you to communicate with Vendors and other users. At Buy Aussie Now we want to create a welcoming and safe community for both Vendors and Buyers. 

Any inappropriate communications will not be tolerated and is a breach of these standards. Inappropriate communications include:

  • harassing, vilifying, abusing or intimidating Vendors or other users;
  • sending spam or unnecessary comments to a Vendor or other users;
  • using profanity or any language that is unfriendly, unlawful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-religion, or disrespectful;
  • threats of violence against others or the promotion or encouragement of others to engage in violence or illegal activity; and
  • any comments made for the purpose of bringing a particular vendor's reputation into unfair disrepute in an attempt to reduce their business.

You must not request contact details from a Vendor, or attempt to contact a Vendor outside of the Marketplace unless any such communication is directly related to an Order and the Vendor has consented to you contacting them directly.

You must not communicate with Vendors and other users of the Website for any purpose other discussing Products. 


If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us on the following contact details: