The Buy Aussie Now Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The Buy Aussie Now Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The pressure to find the perfect gift is palpable at the best of times, but the gift-giving stakes are surely raised when it comes to treating the mothers in our lives.

As covid restrictions kept many of us separated last year — with families forced to endure special catchups via facetime across the country,  you might want to go all out on mum this year – or at least be a little more creative than a classic bunch of blooms.
Of course, Mother’s Day shouldn’t be limited just to mums.
Mother-figures come in all shapes and sizes, from workplace mentors to hip aunties; so this gift guide has something for everyone.
And here at Buy Aussie, we think the only thing better than getting Mum a gift you know she’ll love is buying a gift that is both Australian owned and made — because by purchasing a gift that supports local jobs and industry, you are buying a gift for every Aussie mum.

For the new mum who hasn’t slept in weeks

Of all the motherly tasks that go without thanks, sitting up at 3am, alone, crying while trying to settle a baby that refuses to sleep is most certainly one of them. Of course, babies can’t quite hit the shops solo to source the perfect gift, so we are relying on the partners and extended families to treat these unsung new mums.  For those that need a moment to themselves, this sweet blend of oils and salts will help loosen the tensions of daily life and prepare them for a well-deserved vacay in bed. This rosy-hued sea salt scrub, infused with a blend of precious cold-pressed oils including Hazelnut, Avocado, Macadamia and C02 extracted Rosehip seed oil, is designed to gently ease your body and mind to a state of rest and can be used as an all-over body scrub, bath soak or face scrub to give yourself a moment of self-care. Of course, there is no point in creating a field of dreams for mum if she is still going to have to get up to a crying baby, so be sure to give her the night off, too.

For the mum who is really missing her annual cruise or holiday

If mum is a travel bug still coming to terms with the fact that her passport is gathering dust at the back of a drawer, why not bring some outdoor adventure into the home by dressing up her blank walls with windows to the world. Whether it’s the crystal-clear waters of Palawan in the Philippines or a pastel sunset in New York City, Outside In Co. has got something to suit mum’s space and travel taste. Sustainably printed and framed using quality materials in Brisbane, each original photo has been taken by the team and giclée-printed on archival, acid-free paper that yields brilliant prints to brighten up any home.

For the mum who takes great pride in a tidy linen closet

For some mums it’s a chore, but for others it’s a therapeutic ritual to keep an Instragram-worthy linen press. Now, with winter fast approaching, it's not only harder to keep our homes free from clothes horses packed with drying washing, but if you use a dryer, you’ll  also soon feel the pinch of electricity bills. Reduce the bills by reducing drying time with the help of these 100% pure Australian Wool Dryer Balls. Pop them in the dryer with wet laundry and they bounce around gently separating your clothes to allow hot air between them, drying your clothes faster. With the added benefit of softening fabric, smoothing wrinkles and getting rid of static, you can also ditch the fabric softener and the iron.

For the fancy cook who loves to host the whole family

If mum is famous for her pastry, pizza or pasta making, this French-style Rolling Pin — which is regarded by chefs as the most effective design— will take mum’s baking to new heights. Hand-turned in Tasmanian timbers including Huon Pine, Tasmanian Myrtle and Tasmanian Blackwood, not only are the rolling pins practical with smooth curves that allow for great manoeuvrability and flexible pressure, but they also make for beautiful kitchen décor.

For the crafty mum

If mum is always looking for a new craft project to keep her creative side satisfied, this Blake & Taylor chalk paint starter kit is the ultimate gift for DIY novices, packed with all the essentials needed to get started on a new paint project. Perfect for restoring vintage furniture and giving pre-loved pieces a new lease on life, the starter kit includes 1 litre of Blake & Taylor Chalk Furniture Paint in the colour of your choice, a 1 litre Clear Top Coat Satin Finish, a Blake & Taylor Paint ‘How to Guide’ plus a 25mm and 50mm synthetic bristle brush, two paint stirrers and a tin opener.

For the mum who dances like no one is watching

Help mum bring some extra disco dazzle to the dancefloor with these shoulder-duster earrings. Best of all, these statement accessories have been lovingly created by former medical researcher, Dr. Loz. The sale of each pair contributes to medical research focussed on how breast cancer  — the most common cancer in women in Australia — originates, grows and spreads in order improve the outcomes for all who are impacted.

For the active mum who doesn’t sweat the small stuff

Perfect for mums who love yoga, walking, or simply spending time outdoors, Junk Republic was founded after an increasing frustration at the lack of available options in activewear that were not only  good quality, sustainable, ethical and fun but also made for real women — women with curves, with booty, with boobs, with thighs and with extra wobbly bits. Designed by a mum, for mums, these pieces are created to not only fuse fashion and function as well as fit and flatter different body shapes, but also to empower women to embrace their body and enjoy being active.

For the homebody who has been craving some downtime

Nothing encourages mum to pop her feet up quite like a cosy new pair of slippers. Mickey's Moccasins & Sheepskin Products have been manufacturing handmade moccasins in Melbourne for more than 20 years. Great care is taken to ensure every piece is constructed to perfection, using 100% Australian sheepskin, natural suede and rubber soles that run all the way up the heel to ensure longevity of wear, comfort and quality.

For the working — or stay-at-home — mum fuelled by coffee

Whether mum is a fan of frothy lattes or steamy espressos, all coffee-loving mums agree that the perfect vessel for their caffeine hit is key. This arc-ceramic mug has been uniquely handcrafted using stoneware clay and painted in midnight blue with a glossy finish.

ABOUT THE WRITER Anna Byrne grew up in Bendigo in regional Victoria before moving to Melbourne where she enjoyed a decade-long career as a columnist for the Herald Sun, becoming one of Australia’s most recognised lifestyle voices. Renowned for her insightful and humorous musings on the world of fashion and beyond, her take on style is both witty and refreshingly non-elitist. Anna loves musicals, McLaren Vale Chardonnay, the Melbourne footy club and can quote Muriel’s Wedding, verbatim. A passionate campaigner for small business, Anna is excited to join Buy Aussie Now as a freelance contributor.

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