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Eder by Anna

An emerging designer ready-to-wear label. Designed and crafted by Mother and Daughter, Anna and Marlene Eder.


A Bespoke range of pet accessories crafted by talented local artisans from premium materials.

R.A.W By Rochelle

Delicious and nutricious DIY healthy wholefood snacks and toppers.


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    Burleigh Button Mid Natural

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Lisa Chapman

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Owner of Springhill Farm

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Meet The Maker: Isa Johnsonn & Sechelle Matheson Founders of Lillypilly Skincare
Who knew that Lillypilly - a topiary treasure, which is fashioned into our most green and vibrant hedges, could also help to transform us? “it’s an Australian Botanical Super Power known for its incredibly potent astringent qualities,” Isa Johnsonn explains. “It also has anti-inflammatory properties and works to brighten skin and promote the healthy growth of new cells. which has a rejuvenating effect on our skin.” Isa and Sechelle Matheson are set to become Australia’s natural beauty queens, thanks to their Lillypilly Skincare brand. The two women grew up in very different areas of Australia:  Isa’s family has a farm on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula where her mother sold indigenous plants from a nursery. Meanwhile Sechelle is from Far North Queensland  where the clay collected from the untouched wilderness would soon become a beauty ingredient. They met as school mums and neighbours in Melbourne where they discovered their shared love of nature and all that it had to offer. The seeds of Lillypilly Skincare were sewn on Sechelle’s kitchen tabIe. They began experimenting with hand crafted beauty products using Kaolin - a soft, light, clay mineral and “hand picked pinot grapes” grown at Isa's family farm. Finally at the end of 2019, the skincare brand was launched just before the pandemic. At least when Melbourne went into the first of its lockdowns, it gave the two women more time to work on their range. There’s now many different products including the latest, Daily Recovery Face Oil and the clay masks which come with their own mixing bowls and accessories. They’re available on the Buy Aussie Now Marketplace where the brand is thriving. ‘Organic’ has been a  buzz words in the beauty industry for some time now.  But with 'Lillypilly,' it’s about the native species from the ancient indigenous cultures of this country  where the healing and restorative value of plants has  been in play for 65,000 years. No wonder LilyPilly Skincare is set to flourish.Check out LilyPilly Skincare on Buy Aussie Now!
Get Behind Victorian Businesses
One of the most startling images from last month’s news was a Melbourne cafe owner openly dissolving into tears when the  current lockdown was confirmed. The hurt and despair was also encapsulated on the Instagram feed of much loved Melbourne TV personality and funny lady, Julia Morris, whose message to her followers was pure anguish. Railing about people making lockdown jokes, she wrote: We are trying so hard, We are so down. Please stop shaming us. ”It’s been a kick in the guts for Melbourne businesses who were just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel,” says retail guru, Associate Professor Marketing, Jana Bowden of Macquarie Business School. She believes that the extended lockdown will result in a $2 billion retail trade loss. On the Buy Aussie Now Marketplace, we also want to do something positive. We want everyone to get behind Victorian businesses by making an effort to “Buy Vic” today. And there’s so many brilliant brands to discover from our Melbourne mates! So here’s my picks for you to “add to cart.” Look as cool as a Melbourne fashion maven in one of the curated sweat shirts from Victorian label, Elvie & Leo. The Elvie Laughing Leopard Sweat with its cheesy leopard print smile, was hand made in Victoria by artisans. There’s several more styles to choose from and each one is a sweat statement. Protect your skin all year round with a People4Ocean Sunscreen and evade a burn time that can be as rapid as five minutes. This Melbourne based brand is made without toxins that harm the oceans’  ecosystems. Try P4O SP30 Sunscreen, which is 100% natural, golden and deeply nourishing with a semi-matte mineral finish. You can never underestimate the power of a great sleep, which is why you should invest in the best Victorian- made bedding. Easy Rest is an Australian owned family business founded in 1971 from Dandenong South, Melbourne.  Try the Easy Rest Sleep Gusseted Medium 2 Pack Pillow, which is designed for those looking for a touch of luxury, along with medium support.  Toy fads come and go but a Pongo  Standard Aussie Edition All-Weather Ping Pong Table, from Melbourne, is forever. Play under lights and all year round. They sport a high tensile all-aluminium construction for superior strength, With Pongo tables, it’s always game on.  If you wish to train your dog not to climb into your bed at night, it’s time you gave your pet their own luxe Molly Barker crib from Melbourne.  The Sasha Dog Bed  is a true canine luxury retreat. Reclining on beautiful soft leather, your dog will soon turn up his/her nose at bunking in with you. Treat yourself to indulgent chocolate and support one of Melbourne’s most desirable confectionary brands, Ministry of Chocolate. The Milk Chocolate Lovers’ 100g Bar Bundle is made with couverture chocolate and includes several different varieties. These bars include Australian natural ingredients and they’re palm oil free. It’s the sweetest way to support a Melbourne small business. Made by Gabbee from Armstrong in Victoria specialises in hand made baby accessories that are destined to become heirlooms. Celebrate the Hungry Caterpillar tale with this colourful foil feather print quilt with 100% cotton backing. It would brighten up any nursery. And just like that famished Caterpillar, if we all make an effort to buy Victorian brands, the result could be transformational.{{widget type="Terrificminds\ProductWidget\Block\Widget\Collections" title="Buy Vic!" category="0" product_ids="47882, 64046, 45219, 47852, 49001, 19638, 37842, 37855, 43886, 61321, 43890, 61056"}}ABOUT THE WRITER Ros Reines is a Sydney journalist and the author of four books. She is currently penning her fifth - a memoir of a life in the media.
Meet The Maker: Kathryn McClean Founder of Salty Sister
Kathryn McClean wanted to get down to the nitty gritty of a day at the beach. Particularly the gritty. The Aussiest of activities is plagued by sand that gets into everything from your sunscreen to between your toes and in other unmentionable places. By the time you head back it’s all over your car seat. You loved the beach so much you took it all home with you. So Kathryn came up with Salty Sister Sand Remover - a natural, organic, talc-free powder to keep that sand on the beach where it belongs. Now Kathryn, by her own admission, is no industrial chemist but the young Aussie mum has a can do attitude “I’ve been interested in natural beauty products for a long time,” she explains. “I had made my own deodorant and my own body scrubs. So I thought that if I could come up with something that was all natural and skin coloured, I would be on a huge winner”. Kathryn hit on her magic formula by sifting through natural powders and mineral powders. She was looking at the different absorbency rates of the those that would mix together. “I wanted something that would be the right consistency so it didn’t turn onto cake batter when you put it on your skin,” she says.Finding the right packaging was also a challenge but she eventually found a recyclable bottle that can be reused 17 times. It was a shame that she had to buy 5,000 on them on her first order but as an optimist, she reasoned that she would get through them all sooner or later. And she was right.  'Salty Sister'  was already a cult product before it was released, thanks to her witty and inspired Salty Sister social media campaign. Turns out that thousands of people out there are excited about being sand free.  Kathryn is now particularly thrilled that it will be accessible on the Buy Aussie Now Marketplace.  "We share the same values,” she says, “we back Australia.”. Surely Salty Sister Sand Remover is destined to  go down as one of the great Aussie inventions. It should  be right up there with Speedo swimmers and the Surf Ski - because a day on the beach need never be the same again..Check out Salty Sister on Buy Aussie Now!ABOUT THE WRITER Ros Reines is a Sydney journalist and the author of four books. She is currently penning her fifth - a memoir of a life in the media.

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